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Products of Individuals with Disabilities Law

When Was the Last Time?People with disabilities hold the following truths to be self-evident: they CAN work, and they WANT to work.

In 1977, to promote independence and self-sufficiency among persons with a disability, the Oregon Legislature unanimously passed the Products of Individuals with Disabilities Law. That law created the QRF Program, which today employs thousands of Oregonians with disabilities at Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRFs) across the state.

The QRF Program mandates Oregon public agencies to purchase certain goods and services from QRFs. A list of those items, which includes everything from temporary personnel to plastic trash liners, is published by the state. In return for this purchasing preference, QRFs certify that at least 75% of their direct labor hours are performed by persons with verified disabilities.

What ORA Member QRFs Have for Sale

Although QRFs are best-known for providing custodial services, in truth they provide a wide range of products and services to customers both public and private. For the latest list of items that ORA members have been approved to provide through the QRF Program, please view our Line Card Brochure.

Economic Benefit

In 2013 ORA completed a study of the economic benefit of putting a person with a disability to work through the QRF Program. We found that during their first year each worker returns an average of nearly $4,000 to the public through a combination of reductions in needed public supports and/or increases in taxes paid!

You can find more details in our QRF Economic Impact Brochure.

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