Welcome to ORA - New Staff

Sabrina Dikeman

ORA is pleased to introduce our newest staff, Sabrina Dikeman. Sabrina brings extensive marketing and business experience to the Association, for whom she’ll focus on boosting employment of people with disabilities through the Qualified Rehabilitation Facility Program. We expect her to quickly become a versatile and valuable asset to our members. 

Since graduating from Vanguard University in 1994, Sabrina has put her degrees in Psychology and Business Marketing through a range of experiences guaranteed to make a good story--and a great marketer.

While she's a marketing & event planner at heart, Sabrina’s fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop a well-rounded skill set that includes a thorough understanding of Association Structure and Operating Processes, Comprehensive Marketing Strategy, Branding/Awareness, Social Media, Social Marketing, Membership Recruitment, and Creative Layout/Design. While her primary focus is in association marketing and membership recruitment, her skill set is balanced out by successful work experience working with association boards, committees, sales, newsprint, magazines, editorial content, creative design, audience research and brand development.

Her passion for Marketing goes “beyond the banner” by utilizing expertise customer relations. Sabrina is known for her skills that leverage teamwork, membership contribution, event organization and overall association marketing and awareness.

Prior to ORA, Sabrina served as a Marketing and Communications Manager at Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association (OCAPA), successfully implementing numerous creative and strategic membership campaigns, industry events and marketing plans for the association, members and partner organizations. Notably, Sabrina oversaw the Excellence in Concrete Award program and pioneered several promotional events.

In between all of the above, Sabrina owned and operated an athletic event company for 12 years. While earning the respect of her peers nationally, she hosted events attended by thousands of young athletes.

When it’s time to unwind, you’re likely to find her running in Bush Park, running after her 3 boys (Micah 12, Madden 6 & Mason 3 ½) or boating in Detroit with her husband Steve.

It is this experience, plus Sabrina’s passion, public relations expertise, and can-do attitude that will make our members feel right at home with her. We couldn't be more excited to have her on board.