Edwards Center wants your vote, see links for 100 Cars for Good


Can you please get the word out to everyone at ORA to vote for Edwards Center on Sunday July 29th for the Toyota 100 Cars for Good? If our video wins we get a 2013 Wheelchair Accessible Sienna! Details and links below. Thanks!

Jessica Leitner
Executive Director Edwards Center Inc.


If you already have a Facebook account visit https://apps.facebook.com/carsforgood/ or type in 100 Cars for Good in the search engine. On Sunday July 29 between 7AM and 9PM PST you can watch our video and vote for us.

If you are not a Facebook user visit www.100carsforgood.com on the same date and time. There you will see a link for Edwards Center that will take you to the Facebook application. You will be prompted to set up a Facebook account in order to vote. Sorry but this is required though you are welcome to cancel the account some time later - but please not on the same day as it will appear fraudulent.

It will be easier for you to simply go to www.facebook.com and create an account. You can provide the most minimal information - but what the heck - while you are in there be sure to "like" the Edwards Center page you will find at http://www.facebook.com/edwardscenter?ref=ts