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ORA Position Paper on Employment

No topic is more discussed in developmental disability services right now than employment. After much deliberation, the Oregon Rehabilitation Association has adopted the following ORA Position Paper on Employment Policy. Our hope is that this paper adds a voice to the ongoing debate that balances both choice and options for people with disabilities. We encourage anyone with an interest in this topic to give it a careful read.

White House Announces New Posts to the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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July Quarterly

ORA July Quarterly Membership and Annual Awards Meeting

July 16-18 at Mt. Bachelor Village, Bend


ORA Quarterly to start on Wednesday July 16th at 3:00-5:00 with ODDS Panel - Please note the schedule change


The July Quarterly will be held at the Mt. Bachelor Village, 19717 Mount Bachelor Drive, Bend, Oregon. An ODDS Panel will start off the event and include Trisha Baxter, Interim Director of ODDS, Eleshia Ledridge ReBAR Manager, Marilee Bell will be back to update members on the status of the One ISP process, Darlene O'Keefe, ODDS QA Manager and Chelas Kronenberg will address system quality issues and current/pending Rule changes.


For those of you who are still confused about what the Plan of Care (POC) means for you, Julie Harrison from ODDS will be joining us on Thursday afternoon from 3:30 to 5pm to provide an overview and answer questions.

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LEAD Webinar: Connecting Job Seekers with Disabilities and Federal Contractors

Medicaid Managed Care and Its Implications on Employment Services

The National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Economic Advancement of People with Disabilities (LEAD), has archived a 1 ½ hour webinar providing an overview of Medicaid Managed Care and its potential implications on employment services as well as discussing how stakeholders can influence the process.

Youtube Webinar Archive

Upcoming Webinar: New CMS Regulation on HCBS Settings: Implications for Employment Services 
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 - 12pm-1:30pm. 

Register Here

NADSP Oregon Tour

ORA staff have been crunching the numbers on costs for any agency interested in engaging with the NADSP when they visit Oregon in July for agency DSP training. We wanted to provide the most accurate figures possible for you to determine if this opportunity fits in your training budget.
The cost includes close estimations on all travel and hotel expenses and a discounted training fee. ORA will provide a short term rider on our insurance to allow them to use an ORA vehicle while they are in Oregon to save on costs. What this estimate does not include is the venue for the training and any food provided during the training. That would be up to the agency/agencies participating.
Estimates are as follows:
Per day: $2,952.50 
Each agency share of cost if 2 organizations collaborate on the day: $1,476.25 
Each agency share of cost  if 3 organizations collaborate on the day: $   984.17 
This would be an agreement between NADSP and the participating agencies. 
This is not an ORA training but we are happy to be the point of contact between participating agencies and the NADSP for coordination purposes.
The training locations are proposed as follows:
Medford on July 21st
Eugene on July 22nd
Salem on July 23rd
Portland on July 24th

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Occupational Outlook HandbookU.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics has published the 2104-2015 Occupatioal Outlook Handbook, an online career guidance resource which provides information on hundreds of occupations in the U.S.  Use this resource to learn about the educational and training requirements, work environments, wages and projected changes for specific occupations.  Also helpful is the Career Tools Guide used as a resource for locating a specific employer for a job search or creating a resume.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career Tools Guide


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